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Physical exercise involves taking part in purposeful activities that lead to physical, mental and general wellbeing.  There are many reasons why physical exercises should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. Exercise can be done in order to lose weight and achieve ones target body, for health and curbing diseases or for the sheer fun and enjoyment of it. Whatever the reason, once the benefits start showing, it is hard to stop. It becomes a ritual.

Weight loss is one of the primary reasons to exercise. With the rise of opinions on body image, getting yourself to the right weight both for appearance and health is necessary. By partaking in constant and regular exercises with increasing intensity, there is need for increased energy levels to feed the muscles. As a result, fat deposits in the body undergo lipolysis, a type of metabolism, in order to release energy. This means that unnecessary fat is lost. With fat loss, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced.

Perhaps the most profound benefit of regular exercise is the positive effect that is experienced by the cardiovascular system. There is enough research that correlates inactivity with coronary artery disease. And physical inactivity is a risk factor for the development of heart attacks and stroke. This is because physical activity promotes formation of high density lipoproteins which is cardio protective, so basically good cholesterol.

With sustained physical exercise there is release of feel good hormones, endorphins. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels and as a result keeps anxiety and depression at bay. Exercise also leads to better sleep patterns and prevents insomnia. This might be due to the growth hormone and other hormones produced after exercise.

Developing fitness through regular intense exercise is important. With constant stress placed on muscles, the muscles adapt by undergoing hypertrophy. This is also fostered by the fact that during exercise the production of anabolic hormones such testosterone and growth hormone is activated. The anabolic effect that results is manifested by increasing muscle size. The mechanism behind all this is the production of proteins which are used by the muscle for further hypertrophy.

Other benefits of exercise include a better immune system, reduction in the risk for cancer, general neural well being and the resolution of severity of some chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes and cardiac disease. All in all exercise and healthy body are hard to separate.