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Everything You Need To Know About Anavar Online

anavarAre you a beginner in taking steroids? Experiencing harsh side effects from steroids? Maybe you are a damsel in distress; you can’t seem to find a suitable steroid. You are probably none of the above, either way, one word: Anavar. It is a generic compound of Oxandrolone and unlike other androgenic compound that are known to cause a number of side effects, Anavar is mild and exhibits minimum to no side effects. This is so much so that it used for children with burn injuries to hasten the healing process. This genetically modified form of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is C-17 alpha alkylated which allows it to be taken orally and makes it more resistant to hepatic metabolism

Benefits and Uses

Anavar is used to increase strength, athletic performance, enhance cutting especially of fat gained during bulking. It has also shown effectiveness in people between 40- 60 years that want to lose weight. It is known to improve respiratory functions such as reducing breathlessness. When combined with a proper diet it can increase lean muscle though not many use it for bulking. It increases blood plasma levels especially when used with caffeine, can be used for bulking when stacked with similar compounds, it is used in moderating doses of testosterone, it has no estrogen side effects and finally it is used to combat muscle wasting in burn and AIDS victims

Side Effects

For individuals who exhibit sensitivity to androgenic side effects they may experience oily skin, hair growth, acne, pro-static hyperplasia and male patterns of baldness. Sometimes it may cause suppressed Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis. Although it is said to have low toxity on the liver it is advisable to supplement it with good liver compounds. It can cause change in lipid value, it causes intense pumping especially on the back and on the biceps due to the increased value of red blood cells. Testicular atrophy can be experienced when used over a long time. Sometimes users may experience vomiting and nausea read more at Oxandrolone for sale.


Anavar has a half-life of 8 hours which means users can take 2-3 doses daily. For women 5- 10 mg daily while for men 30-50 mg daily is enough for muscle growth. Anavar shows better results, when taken in stacks of similar compounds. It should be used for 6-8 weeks but at a reasonable dosage it can be taken for up to 10 weeks.

Anavar for sale

You can buy Anavar in pharmaceutical grade or underground labs grade; either way this drug does not come cheap. Both grades can be acquired in the black market at varying prices mainly because there are a lot of counterfeits, variation of sources, difference in currency of purchase and the variation in end products.  There are very few quality brands but many tend to be either wrongly label, which could be fatal or sometimes they could be under dosed. Anavar pills come in different amounts as well as dosage. For a dose of 10gm in a pack of 60 tablets for pharmaceutical grade can range from $70 – $100 while underground labs grade could range from $60- $180. Anavar is illegal without prescription in most countries so most people opt to buy Oxandrolone online or from people with prescription. Thorough research should be done on dealers before purchase to avoid getting scammed.


Anavar is by far the best steroid for women because of its ability to be tolerated by the body in comparison to other steroids. However like any other steroid caution should be taken in terms of dosage and the length of use to avoid complications. Excess alcohol should be avoided while on this steroids to avoid causing damage to the liver. It is advisable for men to run a post cycle to restore testosterone in the body as well as ancillaries to minimize side effects. If your goal is to improve performance, maintain mass and improve appearance then Anavar is the drug for you.