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How I Ended Up Purchasing Fake Anadrol Online

anadrolI cannot believe that I ended up purchasing fake Anadrol 50 online. Lured by the low price on this steroid offered by an online store, and the fact that it had a message stating that only `one bottle left in stock,’ I decided not to let this golden offer get out of my hands and purchased it immediately. The `cash on delivery’ option offered by the website should have alerted me. In fact, this was the only payment option offered by the website. If this was not enough, I was surprised by the dual images of a male… one showing his figure before he started taking Anadrol, and the other one showing the fat loss and muscle mass gain he achieved after a couple of weeks post taking this synthetic steroid. Since I too wanted the same results, I did not wait any longer and ordered the bottle. Had I visited the website again, I would have found the same message `one bottle left in stock’ again. I received the package after a couple of days via courier and paid for the same. This was the beginning of my woes. On opening the package, I found that the bottle containing the pills did not have a pilfer proof lid. It seems as if someone had already opened the seal and tampered with the Anadrol 50 product.

Cheats are getting smarter

On close inspection, I found that the date of expiry was printed using the stamping process. This gave me some relief. However, on discussing this fact with one of my bodybuilder friends, I came to know that the owners of online stores that sell phony muscle building and fat burning pills purchase empty bottles from users in return for cash. I was now 100% sure that I had purchased a counterfeit drug. As there was no contact number listed on the website I purchased Anadrol from, I decided to send them an email. I felt horrified when the mail bounced with the message that `no such account exists.’ I had been sucked lock, stock, and barrel. Since there was no other contact information, I had no option to get in touch with the owners of that site. Feeling frustrated, I decided to try the pills in the hope that they would work as promised. Forget about burning fat or developing muscles… I became very sick and had to call the doctor. He rebuked me and told me that Anadrol 50 for sale steroids were illegal and I should have never purchased them. He prescribed some medicines that improved my health. However, I was back to square one, since I had yet to find a solution to melt the huge amount of fat in my abdominal region.

A friend indeed

I contacted my friend and told him the entire story, only to receive another round of rebuking. He told me that I should always be extra cautious when purchasing Anadrol online. According to him, 90% of the sites offering Anadrol for sale promote spurious drugs manufactured in home based laboratories that have no research team and quality control system in place. He provided me with a list of online stores from which I could buy Anadrol without the fear of being cheated. He also told me that I should be prepared to pay roughly $70 per bottle of Anadrol. I browsed through the different sites on the list provided by my friend and found a couple of them offering specific discounts if I purchased Anadrol from them within a certain period. I am now successfully achieving my goal. I have shed quite a lot of fat and developed muscle mass too. I request you to be extra cautious whenever you buy Anadrol online so that you do not end up with fake drugs.