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2013 PFund Scholarship Recipients

2012 PFund Scholarship Recipients

Each year PFund is proud to award scholarships to LGBT and allied students in Minnesota across a range of academic pursuits at a variety of institutions. Students are selected for their service, leadership and outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships awarded may include:

Blue Earth Area High School LGBT School Award
for up to two outstanding LGBT or allied graduating seniors from Blue Earth Area High School or, secondarily, the surrounding area.

Gilligan Pospisil Homelessness Award for a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender student who has experienced homelessness or is working to alleviate homelessness, or a student in the field of social and economic justice.

Haynes/Hettinga Award for a deserving African American or Native American student.

The Holland-Federhart Outstanding Arts Award for an openly LGBT or allied outstanding student with a preference given to a student in the performing arts and secondly, in the arts.

Howard Liebhaber Human Rights Award in support of a student who demonstrates a commitment to alleviate oppression, works for social change and demonstrates financial need.

Jessi Tebben Out4Good Award in support of a current or former Minneapolis Public Schools student.

Dr. Tom Knabel Academic Achievement Award for a gay male high school student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement with a preference for a student with recognized achievement in choral singing or musical instrument performance.

James T. Lerold Memorial Scholarship for an outstanding LGBT or allied student leader.

Linde-Ostrander Building Bridges Award in support of one person who is the most qualified LGBTQ person attending college, vocational, graduate, law or medical school who demonstrates leadership in bridging differences and breaking down barriers between the LGBTQ and straight communities. Applicants must have completed one year of post-secondary education.

Manahan-Bohan Rural Lesbian Award for an outstanding lesbian student from the Madelia, Minnesota area or secondarily, an exceptional lesbian student from rural Minnesota.

Meuwissen-Werb Leadership Award for an out, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex student with demonstrated leadership abilities in fostering integration and mutual respect between LGBTI and straight communities. Preference is given to a student with excellent academic achievements pursuing a four-year degree.

Minnesota State University-Mankato Award for an outstanding LGBT or allied student attending Mankato
State University.

Miriam Weinstein Peace and Justice Education Award for a student from a religious, racial or ethnic minority who has shown a commitment to peace issues and/or education. Preference is given to a student who has completed two years of college.

Nancy Kelly Female Writer Award in support of a female writer.

PFund Community Award for an outstanding LGBT or allied student leader.

Southeast Minnesota Award in support of an LGBT or allied student from or studying in Southeast Minnesota.

Thomson Reuters Law Student Award in support of an LGBT or allied law student.

Wellness Award in support of an LGBT student with an interest in studying chemical dependency counseling or an LGBT student who is in recovery.

*Please note that not all of the awards listed above may be offered each year. There may be additional awards offered in any year, that do not appear listed here. The Awards Selection Committee considers all applicants for any and all awards for which an applicant is eligible.

The 2013 Awards Selection Committee was comprised of community members and individuals dedicated to LGBT equality and social change. A really big thank you to our Awards Selection Committee, which included:

Curtis Brock
Daniel Duty
Jesus Estrada-Perez
Jason Howell
Jeff O'Hern
Stef Wilenchek
Claire Wilson
Jason Bucklin
Marjorie Grevious
Max Gries
Vivian Guerra
Fatha Jazz
Mike Pittman

For more detailed information, please download the PFund Scholarship Application.



PFund Scholarship Application