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The LGBT Aging Initiative

LGBT Aging Initiative Fund update

Tuesday, March 26, 2013–PFund,in partnership with Greater Twin Cities United Way (as part of the LGBT Aging Initiative) awarded $25,000 to innovative and collaborative projects that address ageism and create widespread community impact to ensure LGBT older adults can thrive and age with dignity, safety and equitable care. PFund uses a community driven review process to make all funding decisions. Thank you to the community grant review panelists Patti Bresser, Pam Cosby and Alana Wright for their time, in-depth knowledge and thoughtful leadership. Please click here for more information about the projects and organizations that received funding.

What is the LGBT Aging Initiative? Launched in 2012, the LGBT Aging Initiative is a partnership between PFund Foundation, Greater Twin Cities United Way and LGBT leaders working to respond to the priority issue of LGBT aging. LGBT older adults are, for the most part, invisible. Many of today’s LGBT older adults who were – and still are –active in struggles against discrimination, are now facing ageism combined with prejudice directed toward LGBT people. Between now and 2030 – as the baby boom generation begins to retire – people aged 65 and over will grow faster than any other age group. $10,000 from PFund’s Marystone Funds for LGBT Seniors Initiatives and a grant of $50,000 from Greater Twin Cities United Way were pooled together to achieve the Initiative’s goals.

“This work has enabled PFund to become a leader in prioritizing LGBT aging in its ongoing work. It’s Paul Marystone’s visionary leadership, leaving behind a legacy to ensure the needs of LGBT older adults are met, that made this work possible."– Susan Raffo, Executive Director of PFund Foundation.

Click here for the Fiscal Year 2013 LGBT Aging Grant Guidelines and Application. For more specific information about the LGBT Aging Initiative Fund please contact Program Officer, Kayva Yang, at 612-870-1806 or

Goals of the Initiative

  • Fund research on LGBT aging and older adults in Minnesota;
  • Increase awareness and educate service providers, LGBT health advocates, policymakers, donors and funders on LGBT aging issues
  • Increase resources to LGBT and allied organizations addressing ageism and inequities that impact LGBT older adults.

Our 2012-2013 work is already underway!

2012 Twin Cities LGBT Aging Needs Assessment Survey Report: PFund Foundation and Greater Twin Cities United Way release a report on the perceived needs of LGBT older adults and compares results with the 2002 assessment and national studies. The report will be unveiled at the LGBT Aging Symposium on Friday, October 5, 2012. Download the full report here.

The LGBT Aging Symposium: Join us! On Friday, October 5, this half-day educational symposium welcomes leading researchers to present groundbreaking studies on LGBT aging including the findings of the new 2012 Twin Cities LGBT Aging Needs Assessment Survey Report. The event is organized and co-sponsored by PFund, Greater Twin Cities United Way, Minnesota Gerontological Society, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, Outfront Minnesota, Training to Serve and GLBT Generations. To learn more and register, click here.

Grants for LGBT Aging: In fiscal year 2013 PFund will provide $25,000 in grants for projects and collaborations that most impact low-income LGBT older adults in the nine-county Twin Cities metropolitan area or Minnesota statewide. PFund focuses on supporting LGBT and allied organizations to create community change and long-term social change. PFund does not fund direct service delivery. LGBT organizations and aging organizations are eligible to apply. Four to five grantee partners will receive one or two-year grants of $5,000 to $10,000 each. To receive the grant announcement this fall, e-mail

PFund’s 10 years of LGBT Aging Work

The Marystone Funds for LGBT Seniors Initiatives was established in 2002 by Paul Marystone who envisioned the need for resources to address ageism and ensure LGBT individuals have access to quality care and services as they age. The Marystone Funds became the resource catalyst for PFund’s LGBT aging work. Over the last ten years, PFund has provided $50,000 in grants. GLBT Generations was one of our first grantee partners.

Beyond grantmaking, PFund cultivates spaces for LGBT leaders to build new connections and find opportunities to work together to create widespread change. In 2009 and 2010 PFund held several one-on-one conversations, a breakfast meeting and community forum with more than 60 participants. A highlight was the local release of the National Gay & Lesbian Taskforce’s study, “2010 Outing Age”. The lack of local research, however, led PFund to issue two reports – Equality As We Age and Ready to Serve, which examined critical issues, experiences and needs of Minnesota’s LGBT older adults and assessed the readiness of Minnesota’s aging service sector to meet those needs.

PFund’s aging reports made a core set of recommendations on how philanthropy can be more responsive to LGBT aging issues. In the summer of 2011, PFund gathered a core group of LGBT leaders who reflected years of leadership and experience advocating on LGBT aging issues. This LGBT Seniors Steering Committee was instrumental helping shape a multi-year plan that responded to some of the report recommendations. This work critically informed the creation of the LGBT Aging Initiative for 2012-2013.

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PFund Issues Reports on LGBT Aging

Ready to Serve? : a Report of the aging network and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults

Equality as we Age: a Report on LGBT Seniors in Minnesota Larger print version

2012 Twin Cities LGBT Aging Needs Assessment Survey Report

LGBT Aging Symposium

Friday, October 5, 2012

1:00-4:15 PM

Meet & Greet Social Hour
4:15-5:00 PM


Double Tree Hotel
1500 Park Place Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55416

For event details and registration information, click here

LGBT Aging Community

LGBT Seniors Breakfast Meeting

LGBT Seniors Breakfast Meeting

LGBT aging community forum 2010